Courtney & Michael Stipe duet

Listen to Rio Grande from the upcoming album Son Of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (via NPR).



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Great tune! Courtney's voice is in fine form.

Hopefully she follows through on her word and releases 'This is War' on time. I think she would be much more reputable if she kept true to her word when it comes to musical releases. ND took what? 3 years longer than it should have. Stoked to hear the new music xx

Feb 13 right?

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I really like this, brilliant and alot of depth. Only thing is Courtney is featured minorly, Stipes voice over rides. But still great

spencer's picture

after a few listens i fucking love it...its so great to hear some new courtney material... looking forward to this is war too.... if you read this courtney 'will you be touring uk/europe anytime soon?  I need my courtney fix!! respect and love to the queen of rock!

Jake's picture

Yes uk!!!! I missed my chance last time and I was gutted, it needs to happen before I die.

Anonymous's picture

Feb 13th, now wait more 3 years, she has to super over produce the next album, bahhhh!
Keep it raw, organic and analogic, stop over produce your albums!

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I personally, like this song! I hope Courtney's still making some new great music for us!

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I wish she would tour UK - I have my fingers crossed! 

nick's picture

A great version of this song, I really like it although, to be honest, I always thought 'Rio' was pronounced differently i.e. rhymes with Leo. Still, doesn't really matter, still a great song !!

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Hole have been played quite a few times on XfM radio, over the last couple of days. Courtney, you still get loadsa radio play, you still have major support for your work in the U.K. and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying we would love to hear more of your unique artistry in the near future.

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