Relax... It's Courtney Love!

Courtney stars in the first webisode of NJOY new media's web series.



Luc's picture

Tout bonnement génial

Casey's picture

WOW! She is looking better and better every time I see her.

And I hear she was on the view this morning!! Will you post video?

With 2 new songs coming out soon - and rumors of her joining a popular singing show as a judge, and rumors of a solo tour ... everything is coming up courtney!!

BurnBlack's picture

Fucking genius!! God, she looks so damn good!!!! Finally off that damn adderall, that shit  will do a number to ya!! I hated taking it, myself.

Chris's picture

Rumors...Rumors...Rumors.... RELAX!!! She Is The Courtney!!!
Love Courtney!

GuitarGrrrl13's picture

I love how Courtney is smart enough to not smoke a real cigarette but still able to look just as glamourous as if she were really doing it.

RiOt's picture

I Love the way she says: Relax,its a fucking enjoy.

Rock Courtney!

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Rockin commercial, Courtney! Kudos!

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