Fall Out Boy - Rat a Tat (feat. Courtney Love)



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The song's not awful, but there's very little Courtney on it. I was hoping for more of a real duet. I guess it's not really my thing though. Never been a fan of Fall Out Boy.
Off the topic, but has anyone heard the new Kate Nash album, Girl Talk? It's very influenced by Hole and Courtney. I would recommend it to anyone who's a Hole/Courtney fan, Best album of the year so far.

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I don't agree with the "Awful" comment due to the fact it's not a Courtney record. It's Courtney doing her bit on another artists record and their style. Her part that she apparently wrote was a good feature on a record I think. As it's mainly speaking it just feels like Courtney on a rant in a more poetic way. Even if she didn't write it. I don't see Courtney progressing to this particular style at all. But in a world of "featured" artists on records this is a fairly good approach to a feature on a rock record which doesn't seem to happen very much.

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no amount of courtney could make me enjoy fall out boy not even a patti smith-esque appearance

The lead singer's voice does nothing for me...

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Wow.. let me start off by saying how tepidly Fall Out Boy registers in the music library of my soul... but this SONG is actually pretty good. Fuck, can't believe I'm saying that.

Courtney's parts are rough, but in a good way. And I don't suck Courtney's d*** on EVERYTHING she does either, I'm realistically saying that this song is actually really good.

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This song has really grown on me, after three listens I'm pretty impressed as not usually a fan of FOB... wish courtney had a little bit more parts or atleast said something at the end, but being a courtney lover i can't help but want more...

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I think FOB were becoming boring but this new record it's really something new and fresh, the first two singles are actuall good uptempo rock song and this... awesome! It's courtney bitch! Love it.. I was hoping she has more lines but she fits perfectly! And still it's a FOB song so it's normal not to sound like a Hole/CL song!

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The more I listen...the more I like.

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Could have been SO much more. Feels very tagged on. Like FOB was thinking "Wow our fleeting fame was inexplicable at best... what do we do to get attention for this new record.... I KNOW COURTNEY LOVE AND ELTON JOHN will get us attention"

That being said it's a surprisingly okay song but, when I heard 'feature' I thought duet or her singing a hook or something... anything but this. It's just sort of a weak contribution. How hard would it have been to track her vox on the chorus or as part of the gang vocals? Not hard.

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This is off the subject, but I got tickets for the Silver Spring show and I'm so excited. I also heard that Courtney is going to be part of this so-called Secret Project photographed by Steven Klein which also allegedly features Madonna. I'm not clear on what it is but it's some kind of online visuals that deals with issues of freedom of speech, women's rights and LGBT rights.

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Everyone check out the new issue of Bust Magazine. It has Courtney on the cover and a great interview inside. It's a feminist music magazine. Very cool!

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