Nobodys Daughter vs Rehab demos

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Nobodys Daughter vs Rehab demos

General opinion poll of peoples thoughts on the finished product and the Linda Perry/rehab version of ND

Though i do like the record e.g. honey, someone elses bed

I personally prefer the sound of the Linda era ND like PCH and i think it would have been more commercially and critically recieved

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ummm PCH has a HUGE sound I'm totally sold on that particular song the album version that is.  It's really breath taking, it has almost a classic rock vibe.  Ppl who hate Courntey still admit that songs wonderful when I show them.  The demos were good, and kepts me in the loop and waiting for the album... it's hard to say without hearing a finished Linda Perry product, like 'Letter To God' which was on the album and did sound pretty good.  Maybe if they were completely polished and finished they could compete... but the demos vs. the album in my opinion theres no comparison the album sounds great and the demos were.... well demos.  Also Courtney's voice was really destroyed on the demos she sounded stronger, and more emotive on the album.

As for it being commerically viable....  Right now rock is all but BANNED from the airwaves you see the grammys where theres 2 folk artists, one new wave act up for nominations and then the Foo Fighters who win and basically suck.  So I mean the way  I feel is any rock album COULDN'T be well received commercially at this moment.  It sucks I think ND is her BEST work yet. 

I almost feel like in this day and age any album or artist I like CAN'T and won't do well because... well... they don't suck and apparently you really need to blow to make it these days.  Coff Drake.... Coffffff Nicki Minaj.

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Agree with the above, I loved

Agree with the above, I loved the finished product and excluding letter to god I thought it was an amazing record, she delivered as always. For me Letter To God was a little.....cheesy. Like I said though I love the rest of the album and I'm always playing it at work. Agreed that its next to impossible for a rock band to be commerically viable these days. Its sad but the world is beng kept inside this pop bubble where no-one writes their own lyrics or music, they're basically kareoke singers and I have to laugh anytime they're referred to as "artists". The only way for a rock band to make it these days is to tone down their sound e.g kings of leon. Aha Shake Heartbreak is in my top 5 albums of all time I love it so much, but as soon as all this sex on fire nonsense came out I tuned out....they lost their edge.

Glinda (not verified)
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Personally, I liked the demos

Personally, I liked the demos with Linda Perry better. I think they were slightly different than what you would expect from Courtney and were a step forward artistically for her. I actually also think her voice was better on the demos than on Nobody's Daughter. On ND, some of the vocals were too loud as she was screaming to be heard over the music.
Maybe it's just me because personally I have very eclectic taste in music. I don't listen to just pure heavy hard rock with guitars and drums although I like that some times. I think the demos had more interesting textures and melodies instead of pure rock. Sometimes I think Courtney gets caught up in feeling she has to be a caricature of what rock is because that's what people expect. Indie music today has gone in all different directions not just the pure "rawk" sound. I think it would be cool if in her new music she could explore different sounds and not be so wedded to the traditional definition of rock.

RobbHayden (not verified)
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I'm in between.

I love the studio/ album version of "Nobody's Daughter" and "Letter to God" and "Loser Dust" and "How Dirty Girls Get Clean" and "Happy Ending Story."
However, I like the demos for "Pacific Coast Highway", "For Once in Your Life" and the candy version of "How Dirty Girls Get Clean" as well.
But I also think she should've released: "Sad But True", "Stand Up Motherfucker", "Sunset Marquis" and "Car Crash." I wish she would release a compilation called "The Rehab Demos" or something. That would be great or Release some of them on her upcoming solo album.

chase (not verified)
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she made brilliant demos. for nd i think she tried to make a commercial sound for them. the demos capture her raw emotion in a trance, though the final hole album as a whole has a cohesive sound all together, more polished, more folky. she's matured.

josephhhalljr (not verified)
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i like both

both are different but yet good.i definitely prefer the final version of samantha.i think she should release or give away the outtakes from americas sweetheart and the outtakes of nobodys daughter.i thought she did an awesome show at the 930 club in dc while touring behind the album.hope she comes to baltimore this time as well as dc.

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